lunedì 21 agosto 2017



I wonder. 
I wonder, what’s friendship. I wonder, what about new technologies and social media. I have only doubts and questions, while it seems that I am surrounded by experts, by people that knows everything.
Maybe I am wrong, but I think that we got one sun only. And that sun it is the same for everyone. Heard about the real world, and about the web world. Again, maybe I am wrong but I think that contents in the web are not coming from a parallel universe.
And I wonder. I wonder about to take a coffee with a friend. It is possible to have a coffee on Facebook? I want to share on Facebook a glass of  wine.
Now we are friends. I wonder, really? 
So, the challenge.
I am a lucky one. I love the beauty. I am a beauty addicted, a childish one. And through my cameras I see the beauty everywhere.
I am lucky, because of thousands friends on social media platform. Really? I wonder, really?
The challenge.
I am an old school one. I like you, and I want to tell you while I am looking in your eyes. I love people’s eyes, mostly because they all got two.
I wonder, it will be possible? Beauties, pictures, places, people…friends.
Human being or phones, laptops, I wonder.
That’s a challenge.
Then, what about a meeting, for a project. A project that speaks about beauty. And what if not pictures? In 2017 the photographs taken were more than all the photographs taken since cameras appears. 
The world speaks in pictures. Ok, many seems not to knows elementary languages.
Since 2014 I managed something about photography in Maratea. Someone calls it a vacation, a workshop, a friends meeting, I’m still wondering what it is…for sure, it is something about the beauty.
Here’s the double challenge. Are we really friends? Are we able to catch the beauty? With the beauties?
I am so lucky, indeed.
Sorry if I disturb you privately, would you like to be in Maratea next June 2017 for something about the beauty? That’s what I asked for to 28 “friends”, photographers and models, here on Facebook. Obviously, no money for you. That’s what I said the last December 2016…and I was so lucky because between so many “friends” I found 21 Friends that said “Yes, for sure, I am in”.
And it was a kind of magic (so sorry Freddie).
The Beauties In The Beauty is now a team, a magical one.
21 “social friends” taking pictures and posing and drinking good wine, and speaks to the world about beauty in the beauty of the Basilicata landscapes.
In Maratea and Matera, six-day-work with the best gear-light in the world, the June natural light.
Now that project will become a book “The Beauties In The Beauty, vol.1”.
Werner Polwein, Judith Bildau, Georgina Falierou, Simone Agnini, Barbara Manciulli, Daniela Zamurovich, Hartmut Stelle, Christian Dumas, Nynke Bonga, Alessandro Fiamingo, Michele Pafundi, Rosangela Lo Pomo, Klea Petilli, Ileana Gonta, Ioulia Kalpakoula, Stefano Agnini, Susanne Stelle, Maria, Leni, Roberta, the Scialuppa 25 staff, Manuela and the Ottica Paoletti in Bologna, Michele Franzese and Angelo Musto with the staff of Scai Comunicazione: God bless you all, it was a magician to “work” with you.
And thanks, really thanks Facebook without you this will never happened.
I am lucky.

P.s.: oh, obviously I asked each and every girl involved in the project to marry me: at the moment, no one says yes…but I’ll never give up because, you know, I’m lucky.


Luca Lancieri, The Beauties In The Beauty, copyright 2017, Zaccara Editore

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